Lemurs in Madagascar
Experience the land of lemurs on this unique journey through Madagascar.


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Madagascar is a living laboratory for evolution, where you can explore its diverse landscape of spiny desert, tropical moist forest, tropical dry forest and mountainous terrain looking for unique creatures and botanical marvels.


September 6/7: San Diego/Atlanta/Paris

Your adventure begins as you board your overnight flight in Atlanta and continue on your flight to Paris.

September 8/9: Paris/Antananarivo

Upon arrival in Paris, connect with your flight to Antananarivo, Madagascar. Next day, see Lake Anosy, the European District, and the birthplace of the Malagasy state, Ambohimaga, with its enormous stone gate. Stop at Tsimbazaza, a botanical and zoological garden, home to endemic species of Malagasy flora and fauna.

September 10/11/12: Antananarivo/Fort Dauphin/Berenty Reserve

Fly to Fort Dauphin, then drive to Berenty. Early morning hikes reveal the Verreaux’s sifaka, flying foxes clinging under the forest canopy, and in the evening, sightings of the white-footed and gray mouse lemurs. Relax among the playful lemurs at your hotel’s tea garden.

September 13/14: For Dauphin/Nahampoana Private Reserve/Andohahela National Park

Back in Fort Dauphin, visit the Nahampoana Private Reserve. Explore dramatic waterfalls and mysterious caves on foot or by canoe. On the next day, visit Andohahela, which transitions from lush rain forest to arid spiny forest, showing a stunning diversity of uniquely adapted wildlife. Visit Mangatsiaka, home to lemurs and reptiles and the Didieraceae dry forest.  

September 15/16/17: Tulear/Isalo National Park

Fly to Tulear, then drive to Isalo National Park, a dramatic landscape dominated by Jurassic period massifs. At the Isalo Interpretation Center, learn about the local tribes whose mysterious burial sites are found here. Awake to the song of the native Benson’s rock thrush and watch the skies for black kites soaring overhead.

September 18: Tulear/Antananarivo

Return to Tulear, an oasis of sandy beaches, friendly people, and the world’s third-largest coral reef system. Visit the Arboretum d’Antsokay with its 900 species of endemic plants. Also visit a fishing village and enjoy lunch at a seaside restaurant before flying back to Antananarivo.

September 19/20/21: Perinet Reserve/Andasibe National Park

Drive to Perinet Reserve, home to the indri, the Madagascar crested ibis, and the helmet vanga. Move on to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park where the diademed sifaka and the black-and-white ruffed lemur can often be found. Your lodge has a small reserve for intimate visits with troops of black-and-white ruffed and brown lemurs.

September 22/23: Andasibe/Antananarivo/San Diego

Drive back to Antananarivo where a dayroom is reserved for you. In the late evening, return to the airport for your flight home.


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Lewa Downs, Kenya

September 22-27, 2018, 2018—Post-Tour Extension

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Dean Gibson


Dean Gibson, Curator of Primates

Dean Gibson has been working with primates for several decades.  She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and completed a Master’s degree in Forest Science & Wildlife Ecology at Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. 

Dean began her career as a primate keeper and worked with a variety of primate species from apes to monkeys to lemurs.  It was during this time, while working with the ruffed lemur colony at the San Diego Zoo, that she first visited Madagascar and fell in love with the island. After completing her graduate degree at Yale, Dean moved to Madagascar in the role of Project Coordinator for the Madagascar Fauna Group and spent three years working on lemur conservation. On her return to the USA, Dean joined the Duke Lemur Center as its Assistant Director, where she continued to focus on lemur management and conservation in Madagascar.  While at Duke, Dean also served as the International Coordinator for the first-ever reintroduction of captive-born lemurs back to Madagascar. In 2008, Dean returned to the San Diego Zoo and continues to focus on ensuring high standards of care and management practices as well as addressing the ongoing conservation needs for primates.  

Dean has traveled the world extensively in search of primates and other wildlife and she is excited to share her knowledge about Madagascar and its incredible lemurs. Her insight and experience with Madagascar will provide travelers with a firsthand introduction to this amazing island country. 


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